Week1. Flashlight- Tommy

Flashlight  “Tommy”

for my childhood 


In my childhood, I loved to make dolls with my socks or clothes. For now I also make dolls for my younger cousins or nephews for gift.

And I imagined of how much more awesome it would be with flashing LED eyes instead of buttons. So I decided to make a socks doll with LED lights.




I bought 2 small flashlight from “Lighting Plus”

1 3 4


Then, I disassembled it.

This small flashlight was made up with 2 Batteries, 1 LED, Small piece for helping to press the button. Screws.

6 7 8

I used 2 batteries and LED from the original flashlight and taped them.


Here are my old socks and 2 set of LED+batteries.

10 11 12

I made two holes in my old sock and inserted LEDs through the holes to seem like eyes.

13 14 15 17

To make it more cute, I stitched a smiley face.

18 19

And also implanted some scraggly hairs and tied a ribbon.


Finally ! My old socks became a super awesome doll!!

This is Tommy!!


24 25 23



Week1. Flashlight- Tommy