final idea

I’m going to make a web-based simple memory game. (memory test).

There is a game in Korea named ” if I go to (somewhere).”

For example, someone says “If I go to the market, there is an apple” and then, next person has to repeat the word and add something like “If I go to the market, there is an apple and there is a cashier”. People will take turn and keep repeating and adding the words.

If someone messed up the order or don’t know what to say next, then the game is over.

I can say this game is a combination of listening and memorizing and saying correctly. I thought it would be fun If I remake this game as a web-based game using Speech to Text and Text to Speech.

The computer will never lose in this game… So this is more for fighting with yourself like a memory test.

And I’m not sure whether I will add visual by displaying the text on the page or just focus on voice interaction.

final idea

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