Counter app- User test



User test



User test question

  • How is the first impression ?
  • What do you think about the interaction/Animation ? ( need more instruction ?)
  • What kind of function should i add to make it better ?



User test feedback

< First page >

– The first page is little bit confused ( Goal/ Setting ). Mostly  users pressed Goal first before setting the goal.

-Instead of the word ‘goal’, what if it shows the goal itself like coffee or days.

-Use icons.

-Make a difference between Goal / Setting, like color or size or shape to recognize the right order to press.


<Setting page>

– For the setting, make some option for the units so users can choose it more                            easily.

– Plus icon – change it to “Change goal ” or “Save goal” / change the position below                    to count option so users can guess easily what does that icon do.

– Make the user can set only one goal and show the box scene when I open the                         app, so users can play with immediately.

– Users can’t change the goal before they achieve it so they will feel more                                   responsible about it.


< Box scene >

– Add more interaction to play with. ( rotating the scene or other interaction that                        users can play with box )

– Make a space or function that user can pile up the box in their own way.

– Change a color in every 10 boxes, so user can see the process in visually.

– (When user counts up) Make a line on the top, so user can see how much they                        achieve and how much is left for their goal.

– When user achieve their goal, make a party scene.

– Add sad face icon for when user fails to count their goal. If they press it, all of the                   box will fall down or some of the boxes will be reduced or added as a penalty.


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Counter app- User test