week2- App Idea : wireframe




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In ITP, lot’s of ITPers send “You Haz?” email everyday. It’s very useful when you need something right away or something you think is wasting money to buy for using once. And most of students are willing to lend their stuff to others. And things they need is totally different categories like food, materials, room.

One thing about this that really makes me annoyed is there is so much email from people. So my email box is getting full and full. I have more then 2000 unread email from ITP email. I don’t have an email alarm, so I can even check it immediately. And It’s hard to figure out if they already borrowed it or not. So I wondered what if i make this Haz? thing into an application so students can write and check more easily and don’t need to delete all the emails.


Users should verify their identity with School ID. Then they can started to use this app. users can ask to whole students in their University (ex: NYU) and also can ask to their same major students (ex: ITP). If you write down something you need, alarm will be go to the group that you asked. And if someone has that you need and willing to lend you, they will press “I have” button. Then you will see their comments, so you can message them directly. If you success to borrow something you will check the check icon. Then your status will be changed.

week2- App Idea : wireframe

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