week2- Monument valley app

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“Monument valley” is my favorite application. In this puzzle game, princess Ida journeys through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. Players have to rearrange structures to continue the journey.

I highly recommend to try this game to see all of those fascinating visual design. The illusion  gets more complicated  in every steps gradually, so it become difficult to accomplish the mission. As you see the images above, it’s really beautiful… Every scene has a very unique and attractive visual illustration. Especially, color and composition are amazing. I think this kind of good-design really matters to engage people to play the game.

And It’s an intelligent game that we have to keep thinking and seeing carefully to figure it out how to get out from the optical illusions. But there is no hints, so sometime it takes so long to find the way and makes me super annoyed.


week2- Monument valley app

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