week1- Relationship with my phone

I rely on my phone very much. It became the most important thing in my life.

When I wake up, I turn on the music automatically. When I eat my breakfast, I do FaceTime with my family or friend. I text with my boyfriend all day. I take photos whenever I see something interesting. I search the route with google map wherever I go. I upload photos in Instagram almost everyday. I venmo to my friend when I have no cash. I write notes whenever I got new information or thoughts. I check emails from Midori & ITP list. I use Uber. I search something to eat around school. And all these things happen through my phone everyday. According to this, My phone is very personal and also very social device for me.

As a personal aspect, phone is kind of my private storage. I write my schedule in my calendar, I download my favorite songs and I note my thought and idea. It’s very easy to know what I like, what I think and who I am. I think I record every moment of my life in my phone. Unlike our past when it had only few functions in phone, it became a completely customized device these days. Data inside our phone are totally different individually according to our personality, preference, interests.

And as a social aspect, phone is an indispensable medium to socialize with people to me. I share my everyday with my friends through SNS ( Facebook, Instagram ). There is a specific chatting app in Korea named Kakao-talk. It’s very hard to communicate without that app. People doesn’t usually announce separately if I’m not in that group chat.

One of the trait which can be pros or cons is It’s too easy to manipulate our records. We can write, duplicate, edit and delete immediately. Even we lost our phone, we can backup our files and records through i cloud. It has a totally different feeling with when we use film camera, letters, CD, diary or watch. It is true that digital brought convenience, but it became hard to feel their unique analog feeling. Now I can’t go anywhere without google map and I can’t contact with my friend without my phone and I feel like my writing style is getting ugly because I don’t write with my hand anymore.

I know that I got used to living in this digital world, but sometimes I truly missed physical and analog ways like writing letters or memorizing friend’s home number to call them.

week1- Relationship with my phone

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