ICM+Phycomp-Final Project Proposals

Annie and I’m working as a partner for this Final project, combining ICM and Phycomp.


Our Idea is making an “interactive drawing tool” using Leap motion sensor.

Our initial idea was making a simple drawing tool, and suddenly we got inspired by “photo sticker booth” that we can decorate our own photos. So we developed our idea to add a greenscreen and camera.

download           15e19d080f93ab2947a5ab1eb5249c43

Drawing my own background!!


User will stand in front of the green screen and they will see themselves in the front wall which is projecting in a realtime. Then, They will start to draw their own background using their hand. Basic function is drawing, erasing and changing the color with different gesture. Some gesture will also generate shapes automatically.

After drawing, User can choose the pattern of their drawing : Single pattern, Circular pattern, Grid pattern.

At the last time, If you press the Screenshot button, it will send it to the webpage, so you can download and see other’s drawing.


These gestures are the drawing tools.



Leap Motion Sensor






We will use  Seriously.js library for using green screen (chorma Key effect).



Play test 

I used a cardboard as a buttons and whiteboard as a screen.

I draw a line&shapes in the whiteboard, following the user’s hand.


-Comments & suggestions from Play test

  • Put a background image option- Make people to choose the background images (Space, forest, somewhere….), so people can easily imagine what to draw.
  • For the pattern options- Add “Crop” function, so you can make a pattern with any part of your drawing .
  • Hard to memorize the Instruction.-> put them on the side of the screen.
  • Using one hand is natural than using both hand.
  • Think about X, Y, Z gestures. especially X gesture.
  • Use a brush-” touching ” feeling is very important.
  • Print it out!!!! or Send it to user’s phone/email.
  • Hand icon -> make it more easy to read.
  • Add gestures that can generate shapes automatically.
ICM+Phycomp-Final Project Proposals