Week3. Everyday technology – Touch screen elevator

Everyday technology (Observation) – Touch screen elevatorimg_5432

When I moved to this apartment, It was interesting that there were two different types of interface of controlling numbers(floor) in one elevator. (I’m not sure the buttons can also control the floor.) We are used to use button for pressing the floor, not a touch screen. So I thought putting different interfaces near each other can make people confused and it also happened to me as well.

I haven’t seen a touch screen elevator before. At the first time, I automatically tried to use the button. But the button seemed little different with normal elevator button. My apartment was 12th floor and there was no 12. So I just asked the other person and realized I had to use the screen. I thought the touch screen was just a screen for showing something like advertisement. Most of my friends or other people who were new in this apartment had a same response as me. Trying to press the button and realize something is different. And finally ask “Is it a touch screen?”.

People tends to think the way they know and do what they are used to. Even it is a familiar technology, if it changes something what you are used to, you will feel new. But it doesn’t take so long to get familiar to that new feeling. Whenever you recognize how to use it, you will automatically ( unconsciously) input that information to your brain. As most of the people who uses this elevator were the residents, everyone knew how to use it and there was no different between people that I observed for several days. Only people who are the first time taking this elevator confused about the system.

Week3. Everyday technology – Touch screen elevator

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