Week1. Sketch- “First week” / Blog post


First week”  – p5.js Web Editor

I draw my self-portrait with basic shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle) by p5.js.

It is myself feeling confused in the first week in ITP. I emphasized a sense of dizziness by using random() value for my eyes color and the background color.

Drawing Bezier was the hardest part during this process. I tried to use bezier to draw my hair, but I couldn’t figure it out how to do. So I just draw with triangles to make the shape what i want.

The result seems similar with drawing in Illustrator. But the way I had to draw the shapes was totally different. While I can draw a circle wherever I want once I click and drag or use pen tool in Illustrator, It was kind of difficult to pick the exact position with numerical value by p5.js.




Blog post – How computation applies to me & What projects do you imagine making this term? What projects do you love?

As a beginner, I’m not sure how far is it possible to create something with code. But it is very clear that I want to or maybe I must !!! learn computation to extend my possibility of using diverse medium.

I was in Fine art field for more than 10 years and always imagined what if my drawing and sculpture can be alive. To make it come true, the next step was learning Animation, Motion graphic. After I studied those subjects I could mix my art works with screen based motion using monitor and speaker which can be more dynamic and dramatic. But it was not enough to me. I wanted a real interaction between my work and audience. So, for my final project in undergrad, as a side work I made a sticker about my work that audiences could take. Through that small interaction, the message could directly delivered to audiences. Then, I wanted to apply technology to my work to expand the limit of expression and suddenly got interested in computation, code, physical interaction. Even though I have a very little experience on coding so far , I really love it. So from now, computation is very new and important medium for me which I can make my work alive. I’m pretty sure that studying computation will make a big change in my life.

I’m not clear yet about what I want to create in this term.  I love projects that people can play like a playground. I’m interested in covering our common matters/ daily stories about people, love, relationship, society with interactive installation using iconic and linguistic symbols. Maybe…I can make a series of short episode in a small set like a interactive stage, connecting with Physical computing.

Week1. Sketch- “First week” / Blog post

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